Wedding Videography

We love putting together trailer versions of a couples special day.  Sometimes you don't feel like watching your whole ceremony or reception video and our trailers are a wonderful way to see all the details (and some people you might have forgotten were there) in just a few minutes. We even put a nice little song with it.

After you say the important 'I do' it's time to PARTY!   At your reception you dance, smash cake, toss things around, and, if you're lucky, you'll actually get to sit down and eat!  You spend hours upon hours planning, booking, and making thousands of tiny little details that, after all is said and done, might seem like a blur in your memory.  With our reception package, we not only capture the major events (Cake Cutting, Dances, etc.) but we also try to focusing in on those centerpieces you meticulously put together or that tender moment you shared with your grandma as you mingled with your guests. You put so much of your time, money, and energy into your big day so let us capture and preserve it for years to come. In a year the wedding cake probably won't taste that great but our wedding videos/trailers will flood you with sweet memories

 Root Beer Float Productions has be the greatest professionals who were really WITH us on our special day. Apart from everything related to video production they both did a great job on helping us out with tons of small things here and there which overall decreased our stress level and helped us really enjoy it. The video looks very professional, they caught many small details which we both appreciate. Apart from close-ups with us, they were barely noticeable throughout the day - but they got it all on camera! [...] We would highly recommend Root Beer Float Productions and will be further inviting them to capture out life changing events! It is great to work with you guys!

     This married duo makes a fantastic team, and really gives you a piece of art when they are done! The 'trailers' are an amazing keep-sake, and definitely brought on the tears. Do not hesitate to hire Root Beer Float productions!
They are incredibly flexible, and are open to your suggestions and thoughts.[...] All in all, great quality and service!

-Vincent & Lauren-